This post spoke directly to me. I can totally relate to this blogger…not sure who s/he is but man, I completely understand.

I had such an incident even today. Not walking through Central Park, but sitting at my desk. I even prayed on my way to work this morning that the Holy Spirit would fill me and help me control my tongue/thoughts. I even paraphrased 2 Cor 10:5 in order to prepare myself. I failed. But I know God’s grace abounds.

Just wanted to share.


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  1. I rate this a “meh” because you're much better than that person. Number 1, you're not a racist. Number 2, when someone irritates you, you don't unleash a spew of nasty cuss words at them. That person sounds like a jerk. Yes, you can sometimes get testy, but I think getting slightly irritated or snippy is several steps ahead of the cussing racist.

    Keep it up, Debbie- I've seen such great progress in only a short period. You're too hard on yourself sometimes.

  2. Well thanks Crystal!

    I think I can relate to that person b/c although her anger came spewing out in a stream of cuss words I can totally relate to her feelings of injustice and the “I WAS WRONGED” mentality. That's what gets me so angry a lot of times…I hate being wrong, told I'm wrong, assumed I'm wrong, etc.

    It's more of a heart issue for me. And while I may not spew forth cuss words out loud, I can guarantee you they're flooding my mind, which represents what's in my heart. Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks!

    I know I'm not perfect, and I know my life is a work in progress and by the help of the H.S. I'll continue to grow and change and be made into the image of Christ!

    But like that blogger, sometimes I think…man I wish I had turned the other cheek rather than carry this anger around with me!

  3. I really liked your post and your comment. The Holy Spirit is working. I can even see changes in you in the past few years. Love you, Debbie! Hope you're doing well with B on the West coast!!

    my word verification was hermedif…makes me think of hermoine (the girl from Harry Potter, not sure how she spells it) or hermaphrodite…anyways…. :)

  4. I'm glad Becky posted because I was wondering what you meant by “help of the HS”. Ha ha. Looking forward to our trip to Alexandria!!

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