Busy Bees



So what have we been up to lately?

Well, Brian did an awesome job spreading this monster pile of mulch we got a couple weeks ago. We still have some left but he made a nice mulch path along the right side of our house leading to the backyard. It used to be a mucky, marshy mess (alliteration anyone?!) and now it’s a pretty, mulch-y trail. He even repositioned the stepping stones and I couldn’t be more pleased with his efforts. Great job sweetie!

My edgeworthia chrysantha is doing quite well. I’m actually very happy that it’s surviving the heat. My fern seems to be bouncing back too! I was beginning to feel like a black thumb rather than a green thumb when I realized I scorched my fern! A Fern! One of the easiest plants to grow…they’re very hardy, and forgiving–which is why I guess it’s doing ok right now. ***With this current heat wave I better go check on it this afternoon!

I got the painting in the upstairs hallway finished this weekend! *Score* Just 2 more rooms to go and some baseboard painting before we get new carpet ! It will be awesome to get all that done and then get the rest of our furniture moved upstairs and have it actually look like we’re trying to live in the upstairs of our house!

Brian and I got to go to Hilton Head with another couple last week (Aug 5-7). It was a great time and relaxing. All four of us got stung by a jelly fish–not bad though. We enjoyed playing bocce ball and reading and swimming in the pool. It was nice to just not be thinking about work and get to recharge for a few days. Thanks Emily & Sion for a fun time!

Brian heads off to Seattle, WA this Wednesday for the Emerald City Classic tournament. Go Ring! He’ll be gone Wednesday-Monday arriving early Tuesday on the red-eye. I hope he and his teammates play well–I’ll update you all once we know the results! They play the top 3 teams in the nation, right off the bat–shewy, what a lineup. I’m off to Winston-Salem this weekend for the Glazed Days Tournament. Looking forward to some Krispy Kreme doughnuts and fun ultimate!

I think that’s all for now. It’s been a busy past couple of weeks. August is nonstop for us with tournaments and planned activities! I hope to post some pictures to correspond with some of these posts. In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying life and loving Christ!


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