I’m Scared!


Brian and I came home yesterday to a door tag on our front door informing us that the Power company had contracted with Such & Such tree removal company to cut down a few trees on our property that pose a threat to the adjacent power lines.

I thought, oh, no biggie. Then I walked around to the back. There were about 10, T-E-N, trees flagged for removal! I was shocked. And not only was it 10 trees, it was ten HARDWOOD trees :-(.

The tree removal company showed up at 7:30am and Brian went and talked to them about what they were about to do. Sally called me this morning at work, because she was taking Grandma Lowther on a tour through our house, and prepared me for the drastic change. Always the upbeat, positive lady that she is she encouraged me with what wonderful new plants I could plant in place of the removed trees.

I’ve been in a rather depressed state today. Every time my mind wanders to the trees that are going to be gone I get sad. I’m trying to look at this as an opportunity to have more light stream through the back of the house and the potential for more sun-loving plants in the backyard. But I feel like our privacy and the secluded, quiet, feel-like-you’re-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-backyard will now be whacked open for all the world to see…well open to all the folks that walk down the easement to the lake anyway.

Sigh. I’m sad. I took before pictures and believe me, I’ll be taking some after pictures to chronicle the destruction I’m afraid has taken place. But hopefully, the rainbow in this picture will be a new direction for the backyard with a landscaped feel and the pot of gold will be a new place to plant that tree Brian and I bought months ago that has been residing in the Lowther’s garden this summer.

Here’s to a bright & sunny future!


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  1. Aw Debbie that's so sad!! I can't believe they can just come in and rip up your yard like that! Crazy!!

    But good for you for thinking of some positives. Just make sure to hold onto those thoughts. :)

  2. I hear you Deb, but great attitude! I'm excited to see what it will look like and brainstorm how to make it beautiful back there. And just think, you can save on lighting because you'll have more sun coming in :) For the privacy factor, you could always plant some holly trees or bamboo (like in our backyard) to block out viewers! :)

  3. Hmm, doesn't bamboo grow really tall in some cases? My fear would be they would come chop that down too! haha. I've been going over the list of plants we're allowed to plant, there are some I want to put in. Maybe this fall!!

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