Visitors & Razors!


The week before July 4th we had a few visitors. G was passing through and spent the night. He brought along Molly & Sadie. They had a good time looking out the storm door.

Sadie had had enough. And Molly looks guilty about something (;-)

Here’s a sneak peak of the closet that Brian and his dad worked on on July 3rd. But mostly, this is a picture of how long Brian’s hair had gotten. He kept complaining about how long it was and asked me to cut it(!).

I was a little nervous getting started. Wow, that’s a weird face! But I didn’t want to shave him bald!

I couldn’t have done it without David’s help! Thanks David!

Feeling a bit more confident…Brian looks a little nervous

He’s either in pain or scared out of his mind!

Ahh, it came out alright :) Let me know what you think!


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  1. Debbie! Ha I had no idea you had a blog. Kristin just showed me last week and I was like oh wow!!

    So anyway, I added your blog to my list now. :)

    And btw Brian's haircut was wonderful. :)

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