House Update #2

Project #3: Refinishing a Farmhouse Table
Brian in the garage sanding down the table.
The original table was very worn with a strange
gunk all over it and glitter embedded in the wood.

After sanding it down we applied two coats of stain. Colonial Pine.
Jack helped do this. As you can see, the legs needed a bit of fresh paint.

After about a million-gazillion coats of polyurethane,
here is the finished project.
We really like the knots and character in the wood.

Another Craigslist score! Antique chairs-$50 for 4+ cushions!

Project #4: Painting Upstairs Bedrooms 1&2
Bedroom 1-Office
(before–icky brownish tan)

Office-After (looking into the same corner)Calming grey/blue.
This was a mistint we found at Lowes for $5/gallon. It went on the walls
very light grey and dried this darker bluegrey color. The pictures don’t show the true color.

Bedroom 1-Towards the Closet & Door
I think that abstract will go well with this greyish/blue color and the white trim really pops against the new color. Notice the awful dark blue carpet? Once these rooms are finished we’re getting a neutral carpet installed throughout the upstairs!

Bedroom 2-Guest Room (before-another icky tan)

The previous owners only put one coat of this tan on the walls so you could see the odd reddish (or was it blue?) color from the previous paint color underneath. We wanted something lighter, fresher and happier and went with Valspar-Belle Grove Bluff. It is what Sally has in a couple of her bedrooms which we’d helped pick out. It’s so nice we’re planning on painting the kitchen and den this color in the near future!

Guest Room-Toward the Window

Sally edgeing with no drop cloth or tape!
The carpet really is just a drop cloth for now since we’re planning on replacing it.
Guest Room-After
After the color went all over the walls I noticed how the trim and doors really blended into
the walls. I decided to paint the trim, doors and window white. I think it will really
make it stand out against the creamy yellow. Obviously, the doors are not yet painted!

Project #5: Painting Upstairs Bathroom
Here’s the next project upon which I embark tomorrow.
I was looking for a green to match the shower curtain in the hall bath upstairs.
Can you believe the bottom color is considered a green?! Well, next to a blue it does
come across fairly green, but next to a green it looks aqua!

Look for more updates to come about shelving and a finished closet!



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  1. It's looking nice, but don't paint the windows white. If you do, you won't be able to see through them! I am impressed with the work you all have done. Good job!


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