House Update #1

To those that have been waiting so patiently–some pictures of our house and some of the projects upon which we’ve embarked. Yikes?!

The Nest: 111

Unfortunately it doesn’t show the garage b/c my ugly car was in the way. A two car garage off to the right, if you can imagine. The pretty geranium comes complements of my coworker, Cathy. Thanks Cathy!
What good project embarker can do so without a trusty Shop-Vac?! Love it. Brian(andJack) convinced me that a 12 gallon vac was better than the smaller 6 gallon one. I admit, I like the bigger one better.

Project # 1: Power Washing the Deck
Mom and Dad came up for Memorial Day weekend and Dad lovingly power washed our awesome deck! Thanks Dad!

Project #2: Painting the Ugly Closets
All the closets were either an ugly off-white with horrendous gouges and scuff marks or bright PINK. ACK! They all had these crazy wire shelves in them, too. When we took them down they left these monstrous holes in the wall. So, we spackled, sanded and painted all of them a pristine, lovely, clean white. Let’s all breathe a sigh of satisfaction together now…aaaaahh :).

Look at all that spackling!

Ahem, Rebecca “helping” me paint!

Here’s Brian (re)installing the plethora of shelves in our pantry.
Well, that’s it for now. More pictures coming soon with updates on the pretty(ier) closets and we’ve even painted a bedroom upstairs! Sally (the M.i.L) has graciously volunteered to edge all of our upstairs bedrooms so all we have to do is roll them! She’s an amazing edger–i.e. doesn’t use tape or a drop cloth! In my world that’s just another way of spelling D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.
Here are some other photos for your viewing pleasure:

Our lawn is the size of a postage stamp. Not our lot. Our lawn. We have grass just in the front-yard which happens to not be that large since we sit on a pie. The backyard is full of hardwoods & pines so there is no grass! So, Brian being all “green” and stuff, invested in this sweet, retro motor-less mower. It takes him all of 10 minutes max to push this guy around the yard. Way to go sweetie! It’s great too, when friends come over it’s such a novelty they all want to try it out… so we basically get our yard cut for us! ~Score!~

Looking into the living room from the stairs.

This is the view from the landing into the formal living room. No, we are not the happy new owners of an antique baby grand piano. It is just staying with us for the summer while some sweet friends are building a house! Michael, Brian’s brother graced us with his rendition of the Peanut’s theme song. Brian snagged those two couches from cragislist and the coffee table from ebay! We’re thinking of painting the coffee table b/c the honey yellow and beige don’t go so well together. Also, that pink wall is going to painted the same blue that’s on the wall with the windows. What can I say? It’s a work in progress.
It’s coming together slowly. I’ll get more pictures up sometime. Thanks for your patience as I work on the layout of the blog and get new posts rolling!

Rewind: Packing up the Apartment

Wow, who would have thought you could cram so much stuff into an apartment?! As you can see, I was beat!


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  1. Yeah for the house photos. Mike had wanted one of those reel mowers when we moved in and I convinced him not to (bad wife I know) and then our neighbor got one, Mike used it, loved it and now we are getting one. Green and they take up way less space than a normal mower. I will have to mention to him that we should show the mower to all our guests so we can get them to mow our lawn :) Glad you are enjoying home ownership!

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