To all who follow my unupdated blog…if there are any of you left. As you can probably tell I am in the process of revamping it. I’m getting tired of all the silly colors & designs and just wanted something simple. So it will be under construction for a bit until I figure out what I like best.
Anyway…so what’s new? Well since February–a LOT.
1. February 25th Brian and I put an offer on a house. It was immediately accepted the next day!
2. We closed on our new home on April 30th and went to work getting it ready for move in. That entailed getting the popcorn ceiling removed and getting several walls painted.
3. Next we moved most of the stuff into the downstairs and put our bed upstairs. We’re planning on changing out some of the carpet upstairs (pictures of the current carpet coming sometime). They are currently dark blue in the smaller bedrooms, and maroon, yes maroon, in the master bedroom…*sigh*. We’ll putting in new neutral carpet once we tackle painting the hideous walls (pictures to come).
4. Brian bought a very cool antique farm table and has been in the process of sanding and re-staining it. We’ll also be repainting the base and we have the small task of finding some new chairs to go with it. It has turned out so well!
5. Sally (my MIL) helped me plant the mailbox bed! It was the first time I’d ever planted anything. They’re doing OK…but not thriving. I’m hoping the little plants just need to continue developing their root systems and will look nice and full as the years go by.
6. Brian’s begun hosting a men’s bible study at our house on Monday nights. They’re studying the 13 Letters of Paul. I hope God will use him to encourage and challenge the guys participating as well as grow him up in Christ!
That’s all my brain can remember now. We currently do not have Internet access at home so uploading pictures is iffy…minus the inconvenience of a dead camera battery. And the camera charger is lost somewhere among the unpacked boxes still piled in the garage. One thing at a time Debbie, one thing at a time.
I promise to try to be better at updating, for those of you interested–but I can’t guarantee how frequently it will be with not having Internet and a lost charger. Here’s hoping!


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  1. Hey girl!!! That is SOOOO exciting. I feel like such a bad friend that I didn't know about the new house! Congratulations! I know you are looking forward to really making it a home. Love you! And I miss you lots.

  2. Yay for a new post!

    And big yay for buying a house!

    Good for you guys! It's the perfect year for it!

    Ok, enough with the exclamation points…

    Let's see some pics of the house…

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