New Living Room!

Brian and I bought our first pieces of furniture as a married couple this week! Up to now we have thoroughly enjoyed the generosity of the Brewers for giving us living room and dining room furniture. Thanks Mom & Dad! But buying our first things together was really great and we finally feel like we’re making OUR home home :)

Here’s the nice couch we’ve had. Not our favorite color/pattern, but functional and free!

The below couch & loveseat are a gift from God. We are thankful that he provided such nice things for such a great price. And the way He did it was neat.
My husband, always the deal seeker, has been checking out furniture online b/c we knew we needed/wanted an update. He also enjoys searching for good deals on fabric to make his purses.

Well, he was searching on craigslist for “fabric” and low and behold a link popped up for this couch and love seat. He sent it to me and I immediately begged him to call the owner so we could go check it out. Unfortunately, we were the second one to call so we had to wait to see if the first person would come and buy the set. Well, that night we called the owner back and she said the first person never showed up, so jumped in the car to go check it all out.

The set was great! We enjoyed the color and size. So we went back the next day to pick them up. And I’m so glad we did b/c several other people had inquired after them that day!

I guess the funniest/scariest part of the story was trying to get the set through the front door. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, b/c I was so nervous. The couch almost didn’t fit! Thankfully, our friend Seth Apple had a positive attitude and worked hard with Brian and figured out how to fit the monster through our narrow entryway. They even had to take the light fixture off and remove the lightbulb and open the closet door. It was great and I stopped biting my nails when they finally got it through the door. I could just imagine having bought this cute set and then not even being able to enjoy them in our apartment. Anyway, we’re enjoying them and can’t wait to get a house to with them!

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  1. They look great!! And I’m still positive that they’re the same as my roommate had (YES-so comfy). When we took them places (moving in and out) we had to take off the little legs. Made it a little dangerous. Glad it was able to work!Love you guys, Kristin

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