Camera Features


Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Well, I haven’t been the best about taking pictures lately so hence the infrequent posting. I did take some pictures at Seth & Rebecca’s wedding…but Becky already posted on that and used the pictures we took. Check out her blog here to see the post.

This summer we went to a Durham Bulls Game and discovered many of the fun features our camera has. Enjoy the strange, interesting pictures we took.

Rebecca was wearing a blue shirt with an Atlanta Braves hat on.
With this picture, only my green shirt shows up in a bw picture.

Just a hit a blue. The Apples, before they were married!

Whoa! Ever seen red grass and yellow dirt?!

Brian’s scary red-eye!

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  1. eeek, crazy pictures! neat features, though! When I start posting using my old camera we’ll see how good the quality is. It’s only 3 megapixels!! Jack made the comment that 3 megapix is about what camera phones are packing these days! HA!!

  2. nice pics debbie! i love the strange things our cameras can do! thanks again for pushing me to run yesterday….man my legs are killing me today, but it was worth it. i’m going to try and get out running again this week. not sure what that will feel like, but i know i need to do it! see you tonight!

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