The Crockpost Disaster :-(


A picture is worth a thousand words. Please feel free to leave your comment. (If you look at the large version of this picture you can notice the charred exterior of my Crockpot…wow I sure did a number on it!)
So here’s the story:
I try to be a good wifey and have dinner ready most nights of the week. Well, Monday I was feeling extra homemaker-ish and decided to try to make bbq pork in the Crockpot. I got up early (ok, on time) and went to the kitchen. I followed the directions carefully and put the pot on low. Everything looked yummy and juicy and was already beginning to smell nice when I left for work.

I got home roughly 10 hours later. And when I walked in the door I was greeted with the aroma of cooked meat. But when I opened the Crockpot lid, much to my chagrin, the whole pork section was completely charred to a crisp. I was furious! I pulled out what I could, that didn’t stick to the bottom and surveyed the damage to the pot. Black char was caked on so hard that a fork couldn’t even penetrate it.

Thankfully, Dad was in town and came over and saved dinner. He graciously bought bbq and sides from Danny’s BBQ. It was good and the time we got to spend with Dad was great! Thanks again Dad! The Crockpot, on the other hand, was left to soak in soapy water with the hopes I could scrub it out in a day or two.

Needless to say, the above picture illustrates that not only did the soaking work, it worked in one fell swoop! I was discouraged at first b/c when I drained out the soapy water I was met with the same thick, black, charred mess and it was still hard as a rock. I was shocked 2 days of soaking had done nothing to loosen, soften, dissolve the mass. But after a little scrubbing with a spatula the above chunk came off and cleaning was pretty much done after that! Way to go Crockpot for being “easy” to clean. It could definitely have been worse!

I must say, the charred mess looks a little like a cartoon’s hair/toupee…what do you think?!


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  1. hahahhaah! That’s hilarious! I want a picture of the National Lampoon’s type pork :) That would be even funnier! You’re a great cook, Debbie! Working with a crockpot takes time and practice :)

  2. debbie…i remember you telling me this story the other night, and it was hard to picture what you were describing to me. but now i see things clearly. hilarious! well, if all else fails, your breaded chicken recipe is fabuloso!we had so much fun with you and brian the other night…thanks for coming over! we’ll have to do it again soon…and we’ll be married:)

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