Club Sectionals

So here’s a recap. I didn’t get to take many pictures at sectionals because frankly I was playing my tail off. When a team only has 6 healthy girls (at least 3 having to be on the field at all times) you don’t get much time to lolly-gag and take pictures. But here’s a little fun we had when we first got there!

Brian Stuffed in the trunk!

This next picture is funny and I hope you can see it clearly. Inside Sion’s trunk is the following emblem/pully thing. In case you happened to get stuck in the trunk and it closes, you just pull this handy glow in the dark tab and BOING! out you go.
Brian tried springing out like this cartoon figure and it was hilarious! We spent several minutes discussing what we would do if we were carjacked and stuffed in the trunk. I’ve heard you’re supposed to kick out the taillights and stick your arms out so someone will call the police or something. Or if you’re in a super-safe Volvo…you just pop the emergency trunk lever and out you spring on your way to freedom. Just hope the carjackers don’t see the trunk come open in the rear view mirror…and it would probably work best if they were stopped at a stoplight or going really slow; otherwise a jump at 65 mph may not be that profitable!

Oh! And not to forget: the Sectionals Recap

Ring of Fire 3-0–number ONE and headed to Regionals
Flight 4-3–number 3 and headed to Regionals! AND we beat OLIO!!! That was definitely the highlight of the weekend. We took a nice swipe at the chip on their shoulder and served them up their only defeat of the weekend! Take that!


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