Brian’s Trip to Santa Cruz


Brian went to Santa Cruz for an ultimate Frisbee tournament over Labor Day Weekend. He got to camp one night and had some interesting run-ins with some raccoons!

Brian standing in front of a large Redwood Tree

The pretty Pacific coast. I like the lighthouse.

Look at all those surfers!
“What, do they surf into the wall?!” -Debbie
“Yeah…well, it’s beginner. The waves are small.” -Brian

So, while Brian was chillin’ on the West Coast, Debbie was running her tail off at the Virginia Beach Rock ‘n Roll 1/2 Marathon on the East Coast! Brian had the camera all the way across the country with him…alas, no pictures to post of my race…but you can view pics on Becky’s blog here

I got to run with Becky & her friend Melissa. Congrats Melissa on completing your 1st half marathon! Brian’s dad, David, also ran with us. Congrats to you too for completing without injury!


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